Welcome to Scientific Gate

Our Services

Financial Management

We help to manage finance and financial transactions for our customer’s and provide flexible online services by paying to their suppliers, agents or for any other services and also helping to buying goods on request.


One Stop Full Service

More than 20000 products and more than 300 factories under 1 roof and our mission is to provide and supply on every demand with unlimited and very detailed services on very reasonable costs with no compromise on qualities.


Online or E-Services

Now our customer can save time and money because we provide very detailed online services by which our customers can shop around while sitting in their homes because we can handle everything on behalf of our customers including Q.C, certificates, invoices, taxes, customs, and shipping.


Reliable & Cost Effective

We have a large group of team to manage very detailed services that every customer needs. Like Q.C, inventory handling and managing finance without presence of customer himself everywhere on every deal. It is big safe of cost and time. Although we update our customers with latest technologies and help those to lead there market.